7 07, 2018

How Can We See this Green-to-Yellow Transition Happening in (parts of) Society?

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Currently, a Second Tier society doesn’t exist yet. But in some countries like The Netherlands and especially in the world-wide networks of Yellow people, something new is emerging. In my international calls with Integral Coaches, MondoZen practitioners and other integral people, immediately there is an intimacy, openness and understanding, we can easily listen to [...]

3 06, 2018

Convening Integral City Communities of Practise

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At a lunch on May 23, 2018 at Hotel Azure, Siofok, Hungary,  we had represented around the table the following cheerful Integral City Allies of Evolution: Integral City Core Team: Alia Aurami, Diana Claire Douglas, Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, Pieter Wackers Integral City 4.0 Findhorn Cohort: Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, Pieter Wackers, Marianne de Jaeger, Maria Prieto [...]

3 06, 2018

TCOPS of Teal Organizations for Integral City Emergence

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The Teal Track of the IEC2018, sponsored by Enlivening Edge ran every day of the conference.  It offered rich, varied and cross disciplinary explorations of how the organizations have been reinventing structures, intentions, leadership and collaborations. One plenary facilitated by George Por (Co-Founder of Enlivening Edge and Aftab Omer, Founder of Meridian University) [...]

10 05, 2018

Integral City 4.0 Co-Creating the Future of Cities Now – An Update from Findhorn

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Our Integral City 4.0 project brought together 16 participants from around the world - Australia, Russia, Spain, France, Netherlands, Mexico, Canada. The intention of the 3.5-day workshop was Co-creating the Future of Cities Now through Placecaring and Placemaking. We explored experientially key maps from the Integral City framework - the Integral map of [...]

3 03, 2018

Blessed Move-ablity

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For those of us who pride ourselves on being effective change agents, movability is assumed to be easily attainable. But the ability to move can demand more that we may contemplate until we are in the midst of the move itself. Then I might hear myself saying, “I never realized moving would involve THIS!!” [...]

17 09, 2017

Placecaring and Placemaking for Sustainable Development Goals

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The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) has just released its first report on US Cities Sustainable Development Goals Index 2017. The report ranks US cities against the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be attained by 2030 as adopted by the UN in 2015. SDG Goal 11 was to create resilient, inclusive and sustainable [...]

13 09, 2017

How is Your City Your Habitat?

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Guest Blogger: Joan Arnott Beth Sander’s quote on her website initially got me thinking about place quite awhile ago.  Here is the quote –  ‘Do you think of your city as your habitat?’ Then last September, I participated in a webinar where Marilyn was introducing Integral City to Integral Without Borders. I wrote [...]

28 08, 2017

Integral City Intelligences Reflect Living System Principles

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The 12 Intelligences of the Integral City can be directly connected to the Principles of Living Systems. This may not be surprising given the core influences of their creators. In the case of the 12 Intelligences, I was considering the evolution of the holarchy of human systems from individual, to family/collectives, to organizations, to [...]

31 07, 2017

Cohering the Integral City We-Space: A Resource for Catalyzing Gaia’s Reflective Organ

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Cohering the Integral We-Space: Engaging Collective Emergence, Wisdom & Healing in Groups is a new resource with potential to catalyze the emergence of Integral Cities. The book is an edited volume (by editors Olen Gunnlaugson and Michael Brabant) that reveals the leading edges of We-Space through the lenses of integrally informed practitioners located in [...]