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ebookIntegral City Talking Book

This page contains the full audio—the talking book—of Marilyn Hamilton’s book, Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hivethe talking book – narrated and recorded by author Marilyn Hamilton. Each chapter is recorded separately as an mp3. This resource offers a different mode for learning the essentials of the 12 intelligenes of the Integral City – and is a great partner to the printed book. It is Free.

Right Click on each chapter to download an MP3 file and listen on your MP3 player, at your convenience.

Preface: Evolutionary Reflections

Chapter 1: Ecosphere Intelligence: Locating Places for the Human Hive

Chapter 2: Emerging Intelligence: Seeing Wholeness in the Human Hive

Chapter 3: Integral Intelligence: Charting Patterns in the Human Hive

Chapter 4: Living Intelligence: Living and Dying in the Human Hive

Chapter 5: Inner Intelligence: Conscious Capacity in the Human Hive

Chapter 6: Outer Intelligence: Embodying Right Action in the Human Hive

Chapter 7: Building Intelligence: Creating Structures that Flex and Flow in the Human Hive

Chapter 8: Story Intelligence: Feeding Each Other in the Human Hive

Chapter 9: Inquiry Intelligence: Releasing Potential in the Human Hive

Chapter 10: Meshing Intelligence: Enabling Order and Creativity in the Human Hive

Chapter 11: Navigating Intelligence: Directional Dashboards for the Human Hive

Chapter 12: Evolving Intelligences: Imagining the Future for Human Hives


Listen to interviews with Marilyn Hamilton about Integral City issues, frameworks and applications.

Creating Thriving Cities with Integral City – Heart-of-it-All Interview with Sheri Herndon

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