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Resources: Videos

Collection of Videos

This collection of videos features Integral City founder Marilyn Hamilton speaking about various aspects of the Integral City.


What is the Relationship between our Place in the Human Hive and Inner Work?

While in Budapest at the first Integral European Conference (IEC) in May 2015, Marilyn Hamilton was interviewed by Alex Howard of Conscious2 TV. They talked about her book Integral City, and the relationship between city life and inner work. 25 mins.

 Click on the image to play the video.

Answers to Basic Questions about Integral City

In this series of short (2-4 minute) videos taken from an interview with Freedom Lab, Amsterdam, in April 2012, Marilyn Hamilton answers a series of basic questions about Integral City.

What is the distinction between integrated and integral thinking?

What is the role of energy and Happiness in the City?

What is Panarchy and the resilience cycle in living systems?

How is technology an extension of information energy?

City as a meshwork – example of favelas

Dealing with wicked problems – an integral approach

City scale dependent on geography

Four sets of intelligences – contexting, integral, strategic, evolutionary

Self-organizing – adapting living systems to environment

City as a meshwork – self-organizing innovation

City as a human hive: organization of a beehive

Integral City – city boundaries related to consciousness

Integral City approach to living systems thinking

Holarchy – nesting different scales together

Integral thinking – bio-psycho-cultural-social view of life

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