The 4 Voices and Views of the Integral City

People in the Integral City speak through four archetypal voices. These voices resonate with the roles that contribute to the successful resilience strategies of other living species (most notably the honey bee). Each voice is vital to the life of the city and the life of each individual and group of people. Many of us speak through more than one voice – and becoming aware of the importance of each voice can help us appreciate the flow of energy and contribution we are making to the relationships of dynamic city life. The core city voices are-

The 12 Intelligences of the Integral City

An Integral City integrates qualities that create optimal conditions for human innovation and emergence and eco-regional resilience. The Master Code guides our intentions and interactions: To care for Self, Others, Places and Planet simultaneously. We have created a Global Positioning System (GPS) to track the 12 intelligences that align these capacities.


Ecosphere intelligence is an awareness and capacity to respond to the realities of a city’s climate and eco­region environment. More…


Emergent intelligence looks at the city as a whole, through the lenses of, aliveness, survival, adaptiveness, regeneration, sustainability and emergence. More…


Integral intelligence uses four essential maps of city life to see the whole city. More…


Living intelligence relates to the aliveness of each citizen through each of its lifecycle stages and the aliveness of the city through its lifecycle stages. More…


Inner intelligence is ‘I’ space of the citizen ­ the seat of intentional consciousness, attention, interior experience and lines of development. More…


Outer intelligence is the biological “It” space of the citizen — the space where the body acts and behaves. More…


Social intelligence is the ‘its’ space of the city that gives us the capacity, to structure and systemize our environment. More…


Cultural intelligence represents the ‘we’ life of the city­the relationships in the city which transcend boundaries that both contain and separate. More…


Inquiry intelligence asks key questions that reveal the meta­wisdom of the city. More…


Meshworking intelligence attracts the best of two operating systems­ one that self­organizes, and the other that replicates hierarchal structures ­ to align systems that flex and flow. More…


Navigating intelligence monitors and discloses the wellbeing or general condition of the city. More…


Evolutionary intelligence is the capacity to transcend and include the intelligences, we currently demonstrate, in order to allow new intelligences to emerge. More…

Integral City Books, Newsletters, Blogs, YouTube Channel

The frameworks and stories of Integral City are captured in core Resources like our Book Series, Newsletters, Blogs and YouTube Channel.

Urban Hub 20: Accelerating City Change in a VUCA World is available in English and Spanish. Find out more in our Books Resource Section.

Book 1 Edition 2 is our newest addition to the Integral City Series. It updates the 12 Intelligences & Master Code with a Foreword by Elisabet Sahtouris. Book 2 is the Inquiry, Action & Impact Field Guide to Book 1 with a Foreword by Paul van Schaik. Book 3 reframes Complex Challenges in our VUCA world. Click here to listen to Podcasts of Introductions to all 3 books and Talking Books for Books 1 and 2.

If you would like to join our community conversation click on our Integral/Nest City MightyNetwork here. Click on the links below and find out more …

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Upcoming Events & Programs

Integral City offers a variety of scheduled and custom workshops, trainings and public programs to further the development of Integral City concepts and to nurture the growing community of Integral City practitioners, catalysts and meshworkers.

Click here to view our ONLINE & in-person 2023 presentation schedule.

Beyond Smart: Integral City Practices, Tools & Maps


For Practitioners

This online course (self-guided available anytime, anywhere)  introduces “practitioners” to just the basics of the Integral City model. You will quickly learn the framework of practices, tools and maps that reveal the common patterns that impact the lives of individuals, organizations and communities within your city.

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Beyond Resilient Online: Integral City Inquiry Action & Impact



This course is delivered online  (self-guided available anytime, anywhere)  and live as scheduled with partner Ubiquity University. It is for “catalysts” to explore inquiry and action that inspires productive impact for reinventing today’s cities for the future. You will interact with the 4+1 Voices of the Integral City (Business, Local Government, Civil Society and Citizens, plus actors from other regional cities) to identify strategic possibilities.

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Master Regenerative Action



This degree includes a set of interdisciplinary online trainings (including Beyond Resilient and Beyond Smart) – delivered through Ubiquity University at convenient times for the student. It is for “regenerators” to regenerate cities and bioregions and make a difference in the next 10 years.  4 Core Courses (8 Credits). Plus Interdisciplinary Electives (16 credits).

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Integral City Constellation

Integral City works with clients, wisdom circles, communities of practice, spheres of influence and constellations  around the world. We’ve worked in all of the cities shown in the map below. Our clients include businesses, non-profit organizations, coalitions and task forces, as well as city and regional governmental organizations.