The Story of Stuff, is Annie Leonard’s impassioned plea for people to understand that the Earth is a closed system. That the cycle of harvesting/pillaging natural resources; manufacuturing; distributing; using; trashing is an ignorant failure to understand the natural cycles of life on earth. That the trash is going nowhere, and it is time for us to close the irresponsible linear production line into a responsible closed loop eco-system.


The Story of Stuff is an unsympathetic view of Orange values gone wrong. The very innovation and inventiveness that creates the capacity to tell The Story of Stuff is not acknowledged. In Spiral terms TSOS reveals the Red underbelly of Orange that has not been recalibrated to include an ethic of caring for the Other. The only care of this Orange is to manipulate the bottom line in favour of the powerful corporations at the expense of indigenous peoples, consumers and workers. This story is a little Marxist (J ) in approach but it has nailed right on, the block to the systemic flow of life caused by Orange gone wrong. What it calls for as an antidote (imho) is to tell the Orange Story of Innovation and Inventiveness and the capacity for generating resources for worthy ends – through a Yellow, level 7 lens.