I’ve been watching with considerable interest the unfolding of the Swine Flu episode from Mexico to the rest of the world. It has reminded me of the Avian Flu incident that we lived through here in Abbotsford in 2004.

As a result of that experience I created three resources for addressing zoonotic diseases, like avian flu, swine flu (or a variety of others from ebola to mad cow disease.)

Here are the resources:

1. A Strategy for Mayors to address bio-security issues that appear in their city.

2. An article on Risk Management for Bio-Security called “The Dinosaur, The House of Cards and the Runaway Train” — originally presented at the World Planners Congress in 2006.

3. A Case Study on Bio-Security for teaching the leadership issues needed to effectively address bio-security risks in cities.

Please feel free to contact me about comments or questions on these resources.