May Greetings, Integral City-zens and Friends of Integral City     Today’s Integral City Sparkie for the City Mind:
A city which can merely feed, clothe and shelter its citizens lacks the intelligence to sustain itself, because the intelligence for sustainability comes from a commitment to learning about self, others and our shared life conditions.  Hamilton, M., 2008, Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive, p.175  

The summer of the New Renaissance is upon us. We offer you a sumptuous festival of 9 capacity building opportunities to entice, inspire, mesh and lead you into expanded Integral City capacities of all kinds.  Even as the world contracts, this summer is exactly the right time to reflect, realign, renew and reach outward. Also check out our FALL Preview of the World Forum below. Learning locations range from Teleconference to France, Washington DC to Vancouver, Dallas to Whidbey Island and points in between.  

 Listen to an interview on Integral City & The Agenda for Changing the World in the next 10 years, with Jim Garrison Co-Founder of The World Forum: Integral Life (also available at Integral Naked   Mark these events on your Agenda (join me at all the ones marked *, where Integral City will be presenting or attending)   *1.   Spiral Dynamics integral Confab May 28-May 31, 2008 join Dr. Don Beck  Spiral  Dynamics integral Level Two  “Cultural Dynamics and Nation-Building and SDi Train-the-Trainer Training”.  Details are available here   Dr. Beck will be joined by Elza Maalouf LLD,  Dr. Marilyn Hamilton, Dr. Bruce Gibb and the their team of colleagues from Canada plus livewire sessions. You will learn how Dr. Beck is using large-scale psychology to build nations and how to present the Spiral Dynamics body of knowledge in a user-friendly and sophisticated manner. May 25-27, 2009, Dallas, Texas  Join Dr. Don Beck for SDi Level One. Details are available here   

*2. How Communities Learn to Thrive in Challenging Times

Moving from Concern to Action: Communicating for Change

Date: June 11, 2009 Time: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm (registration opens at 8:45 am)

Location: Surrey Museum, 17710-56A Avenue Surrey BC

Details & Registration:

This workshop will support you to develop your knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively influence change through your communications with diverse audiences. Using the framework of Spiral Dynamics integral it helps you understand how you can translate your message/communication so that people can hear it and align your message so that people can act to support it.
This workshop helps to uncover a common, unifying, and integrating approach that can guide us in times of turbulence and promote physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual, and social values and community capacity building that considers the whole person in the whole community.


*3. New Tools for New Times – Spiral Dynamics integral Introduction

June 17, 2009, Canadian Memorial United Church, 1825 West 16th, nr Burrard, Vancouver BC

Donations at the door

Limited Seating: pre-register

Why do people make such different decisions, given the same information and opportunities?  How do values develop and spread among people?  How can we bring our diverse ways of thinking to create a community that feels good to all of us? 

Spiral Dynamics integral is a model for people who think about complex systems – like neighbourhoods, communities, and organizations.  It is a way of understanding the different values or “world views” that people use to make their decisions.  Using Spiral Dynamics integral, leaders can reduce the tensions in those differences, and create positive change in social and business systems.  

The Spiral Dynamics integral model helps us understand our next steps towards creating a constructive community atmosphere in a changing situation―wherever we are in our work at this moment. It shows us what’s working, what’s blocking progress, and how we can dream for our future.

Learn how communities, associations and professionals from Halifax, First Nations, Winnipeg, Abbotsford, Creative City, New Westminster, the Netherlands, UK and South Africa have used Spiral Dynamics integral for practical solutions.

Presenter: Michael Keller MT, MA, Introduced by Marilyn Hamilton PhD CGA

*4. Renaissance2 Great Shift Partner Gathering

June 22-23, 2009,

Integral City, Master Class, June 24, 2009

Le Chateau Apollinaire, Perpignan, France

Details & Registration:


Join leaders who have had deep experience in creating the next wave of social, business and technological innovation. We invite you to become a part of this exclusive group of social innovators to share your insights and celebrate each other’s success. Between being inspired by the keynote speaker panels, you’ll gain even more taking part in one or more of the working groups centred around four innovation crucibles vital to our future. Your contributions will help catalyze their success and develop your own practical insights and valuable connections.


We now have all the tools and technologies we need to co-catalyze a new Renaissance. At this event we use them to take the next step in accelerating open source innovation

between business people, social entrepreneurs, innovators, cultural and spiritual

leaders, civil society and governments, to address the most challenging issues facing

human civilization today. Work together with the partner organizations and leading

members of Renaissance2, a not-for profit foundation whose mission is to catalyze socially innovative world-centric businesses, on the four innovation crucibles we need to make this dream a reality:


* Renewable Energy         *Resilient Environments

* Enlightened Enterprise  *Integral Governance


5. Summer Leadership Institute


Sunday, July 5 3:00 p.m until Friday, July 10 2:00 p.m., 2009
Shawnigan Lake is an hour’s drive from Victoria, BC


Details and Registration:


Week- long leadership inquiry that will provide:

  • Increased resilience and capacity to move into the future
  • A sense of purpose in the chaos
  • Insight that triggers initiative and action
  • Practical strategies for leading in your life
  • An ongoing community of practice
  • Access to resources and leading edge approaches
  • Learning about yourself, others and leading

Faculty: Diana Smith, Michael Keller, Mary Martin, Sandy MacIver

*6. The Map, The Mesh and the Human Hive: 3 Module Telecourse

Telephone Bridge Line to be Advised After Registration

Time:   Noon to 12 noon to 2pm Pacific Daylight Time (GMT+8) for all dates

July 8, 2009   The Map (Integral Capacity)

Aug. 5, 2009   The Mesh (Complex Relationships)

Aug.26, 2009    The Human Hive (Resilient Adaptiveness)


Each session is recorded and three chapters of the Talking Book Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive will be downloadable and included in the fee.


Each session includes: Introductions, a Mini-lecture from me, Facilitated Discussion, Q&A, Summary.


Register for the course by emailing with Telecourse in the subject line.



7. Integral Education Seminar FROM CRADLE TO KOSMOS

Whidbey Island August 2-7, 2009. Get the details at .






Spiral Dynamics integral Level 1 Certification Training

Vancouver, BC, August 14-16, 2009 

Details & Registration: trainings


*9. The 16 Ways Level One: Energy Fundamentals

With Dylan Newcomb, August 12-13, 2009 Vancouver, BC

Participants qualify for Student Registration Spiral Dynamics integral, Level 1, Vancouver, BC, August 14-16, 2009

Details & Registration:


By engaging our whole self – on the levels of body, mind, emotions, and breath –  and moving them from one dynamic into it’s opposite, back and forth,  the natural abundance of energy contained within each polarity opens up and becomes much more available to us.  We start to naturally respond with more ease and joy to the constant changes in our life. The 16 Ways offers a simple and powerful way to access a greater range of experience and expression.


In this two-day level one training, you will:


Learn to access the fundamental energies of The 16 Ways in your body, mind, and emotions


gain an intuitive, practical understanding of your own subtle energy patterns and learn how to work with them


complete the ‘16 Ways Polarity Questionnaire’ which tracks your daily feelings and behaviors and traces them to energies of the The 16 Ways.


practice using the polarities of The 16 Ways to explore and enhance relationship







2009 STATE OF THE WORLD FORUM: Mobilizing to Save Civilization – A Ten Year Plan to Address Climate Change
November 12-14, 2009 in Washington D.C.

Registration and Details:


This Forum will bring attention to the critical issue of climate change and to catalyze a ten year plan to green our economies that the State of the World Forum is convening a three day conference November 12-14, 2009 in Washington D.C. The 2009 Forum will launch a ten year campaign that will meet in a different world city each year.
Our intention is to catalyze a demand for new standards of moral leadership. Our goal is to empower people everywhere, personally and collectively, to create greener and more resilient lifestyles and communities.  In order to realize this plan we are bringing international thought leaders, specialists and activists together to begin work on what a ten year plan to green our economies would actually look like, even as we appeal to our governments to take immediate and decisive action.
We are in a time of enormous transition, when the present is crumbling right from under our feet, but the future is not quite clear enough for us to grasp. What is needed is imagination and a sense of possibility to bridge the gap between present and future.

The State of the World Forum is committed to working with partners worldwide to catalyzing the imagination needed and the collaboration required to both envision and implement the world we must fashion as humanity moves beyond the War on Terror into the next phase of human development. Joining together to make this commitment can generate a veritable renaissance of international solidarity and good will.

Please join us in this global initiative to change the course of history.