In October I visited Almere, NL and met City Planner Alex VanOost. He gifted me with the monograph of the Almere Principles, developed by Architect, William McDonough & Associates.

The seven principles resonate strongly with Integral City’s 12 Intelligences:

  1. Cultivate Diversity (@ Emergence and Living Intelligence)
  2. Connect Place and Context (@ Collective Intelligences and Eco-Intelligence)
  3. Combine City and Nature (@ Building Intelligence and Contexting Intelligences)
  4. Anticipate Change (@ Living Intelligence and Emergence Intelligence)
  5. Continue Innovation (@ Evolutionary Intelligence)
  6. Design Healthy Systems (@ Collective and Strategic Intelligences)
  7. Empower People to Make the City (@ Individual and Collective Intelligences).

Read about the Almere Principles here:

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