Decade Welcome, Decade Countdown

2010 Welcome to the Decade of the Human Hive, in the Century of the City; may evolutionary intelligence emerge for people, place, planet 6:12 PM Jan 1st from web

  • 2000-2009 Decade of Glocal City Evolution – integral depths, climatic contexts, renewable energy strategies – order emerging from chaos 12:08 PM Dec 31st, 2009 from web
  • Decade Countdown: Yr 2009 – obamaniaDC, copenhagenclimatecollapse, Amsterdam2Detroit airterror; glocal chaos jams,jolts,jabs city life 24/7 7:32 PM Dec 30th, 2009 from web
  • Decade Countdown: Yr 2008 – Subprime melts down global financial, corporate, community, spiritual capital;JJacobs dark age?Obama faint hope? 11:31 AM Dec 29th, 2009 from web
  • Decade Countdown: Yr 2007 – IPCC announces scientists agree humans affect climate change – city mayors not feds accept challenge to change 6:18 PM Dec 28th, 2009 from web
  • Decade Countdown: Yr 2006 – World Urban Forum II reveals 50% global population in cities, containers of our emerging collective intelligence 11:53 AM Dec 27th, 2009 from web
  • Decade Countdown: Yr 2005 – Hurricane Katrina de-evolves New Orleans – fema & feds fail people – city lives for oil dies from water – why? 8:05 AM Dec 26th, 2009 from web
  • Decade Countdown: Yr2004 – Thailand Tsunami reminds all coastal cities of ocean’s power – do evacuation routes & alerts = eco-intelligence? 3:44 PM Dec 25th, 2009 from web
  • Decade Countdown: Yr2003 SARS – WHO stops Toronto, community closes ranks, opens hearts, survives global city invader, averts Collapse 2:39 PM Dec 24th, 2009 from web
  • Decade Countdown: Yr 2002 USA Homeland Security & London CCTV surveillance – what is invisible in Orwell’s 1984 cities – fear or crime? 5:26 PM Dec 23rd, 2009 from web
  • Decade Countdown: Yr 2001 9/11 NYC shifted cultural impunity – inspired grief, divulged heros, resonated world angst, levelled WTC systems 3:53 PM Dec 22nd, 2009 from web
  • Decade Countdown: Yr 2000 Y2K corrections in intelligent cities kept the lights on round the world. Complexity lesson +/-12% changes system. 7:15 PM Dec 21st, 2009 from web
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