Terry Patten, Founder of Integral Spiritual Practice and a lifelong activist recently spoke at the Integral Theory Conference at

JFKU on Integral Activism.  I found Terry’s approach to be very relevent to influencing and delivering change in

the Integral City.  Terry’s three part strategy is refreshingly practical. It embraces a personal commitment to

develop one’s capacity and consciousness; a commitment to designing and producing effective solutions to change

that can make a difference; and acting with compassion to influence others, especially those in power. This is a

strategy that each one of us can accomplish because we can adjust it to whatever scale of endeavour works for us —

on a daily basis how we be/do/relate/create; within our organizations and communities; and/or in the city or


Terry has blogged his strategy and I have interviewed his about it.

Listen to my Interview with Terry on Integral City Meshcasts here: https://integralcity.com/Podcasts/podcasts.html
Terry’s blog starts off this way:

At the Integral Theory Conference a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of participating in a panel on Integral

Politics. During the discussion, I found myself outlining a 3-part strategy for evolutionary activism—using the

metaphor of Bodhidharma, the bushy-eyebrowed sage who is said to have brought Buddhism to China from India and to

have founded Chinese martial arts at the Shaolin Temple.

The question I was addressing was: How can conscious citizens effectively help bring about a positive future in the

face of our current crises and stuckness? Do we have a workable strategy?

According to ancient legends, certain Emperors of China ruled wisely and well, guided by the advice of great sages

—including Lao Tzu, Confucius, and perhaps also Bodhidharma. Such stories suggest a broad approach that

evolutionaries can adopt:

1.Become Bodhidharma.
2.Help create enlightened sustainable solutions— ‘spare parts’ for 4-quadrant systems redesign.
3.Gain the ear of the Emperor.

Read the whole blog here: http://www.integralspiritualpractice.com/blog/evolutionary-activism-a-bodhidharma-