October Greetings, Integral City-zens and Friends of Integral City  

Today’s Integral City Sparkie for the City Heart:

 When the energy from battles

[in the city] has transformed relationships, and inquiry has born fruit, the cadence shifts to one of creativity. A creative rhythm is characterized by the flex and flow of cool jazz, where the performance of individuals intertwines with the team work of the group. The container is full of potential and brimming over with innovative proactivity. 

Hamilton, M., 2008, Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive, p.268

 It is a propitious time of harvest in the North, and planting in the South. And with the joyous celebration of the miners from the deep immersion in Chile’s gateway to Gaia’s depths, it is amazing to see how the focus of sustaining and saving LIFE has opened the doorways of collaboration across sectors, disciplines, cultures, nations and continents. What potential does such an apparent catastrophe reveal in the heart of homo sapiens sapiens??  

 We share hopeful news, announcements and invitations from around the world …  

  1. Nominate your City for Globe Forum, Sustainable City Awards 2010 (in Stockholm in May, 2011). Find the details and invitation links here http://marilyn.integralcity.com/2010/10/13/sustainbale-city-awards-2010/
  2. Attend Business Innovation for Sustainable Growth. Globe Forum Dublin in November 17-18, 2010. Marilyn Hamilton, Keynote Speaker on Integral City Innovation, Evolution & Resilience http://www.globeforum.com/
  3. Register for Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC, Nov. 22, 2010 The Human Hive: Creating Intelligent Livable Cities  http://www.royalroads.ca/continuing-studies/CYGLEL2241-Y10.htm
  4. Download PDF of Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Community Development Grad Certificate at Royal Roads University, January 2011– July, 2011  – https://integralcity.com/discovery-zone/workshops-and-training_RRU.html
  5. Join Barrett Brown for a Course in Conscious Leadership for Sustainability starting in October in Amsterdam. Details and brochure can be found here: http://www.schoolofsynnervation.nl/en/news_201007_Conscious_Sust.php
  6. What if we aren’t planning to survive?  Join Alberta Professional Planners Institute at their annual conference, Lake Louise AB, October 17-19, 2010. Join us.  http://www.spoken-herd.ca/index.php
  7. Kudos to Steve Cottrell, Town Manager, Windsor Vermont for posting an RFP for an Integral Sustainability initiative. If you have capacities in Sustainability, Permaculture and Corrections/Inmate Rehabilitation and are open to creative engagement/collaboration check out the RFP here:  http://www.bgs.state.vt.us/pca/bids/pdf/RFP%20-%20Windsor%20Sustainability%20Initiatives.pdf .    For informal inquires email Steve Cottrell [stcottrell@gmail.com]
  8. Attend Renaissance2, Oct. 21-25, 2010, Thrive! Gathering: Real Challenges, Inspired Innovators, Transformative Outcomes http://www.renaissance2.eu/events/event-detail.php?id=498975449
  9. Join the Dialogue with Terry Patten and 27 spiritual leaders at Beyond Awakening Free Teleseminar Series http://beyondawakeningseries.com/
  10. Pre-Register for the workshop Jan. 2011:  Grok, Talk, Walk and Rock Spiral Change Agendas for All the Generations in Integral City  Pre-Register rockchange@integralcity.com
  11. Ongoing Integral City Resources:

…meshful blessings for new potentials south, east, west … 

Marilyn Hamilton PhD CGA

Founder & President, Integral City Meshworks Inc.