Several Integral Citi-zens have alerted me to the social media activist campaign by AVAAZ currently underway. They are alerting activists that the honey bee is in peril from the effects of a toxic insecticide. This may be the cause of colony collapse disorder (CCD) (along with other contributing factors.) I have been tracking CCD for several years and have learned that it is a recurring phenomenon in bee history. Apis Mellifera (the honey bee) is the most advanced species of the invertebrates and as readers know, I point to them for having many lessons to share with Homo Sapiens Sapiens (supposedly the most advanced species of the vertebrates). CCD could be an ominous foreshadowing for the Human Hive and we ought to be focusing all of our research expertise to determine its cause. Certainly the precautionary principle is in order when we realize that the honey bee is responsible for pollinating agricultural crops worth $40bn to $90bn (depending on your sources) annually.

With the rising price of food commodities everywhere we must look on the wellbeing as the bees as inextricably linked to our own wellbeing. So I signed the petition, demanding more (it should be a global ban!) governments outlaw the use of this insecticide. You can find on the Avaaz site and encourage everyone else to do so too.

It is ironic, that a vital principle of sustainability — that we are all evolutionarily connected to Gaia’s health — is demonstrated by such a tragic threat to a species’ existence that supports our existence. It is making very visible that what goes around comes around.