The weak signals that diasporas emit into and outside of systems reported earlier this week is the subject of a new book. Parag Khanna, a Distinguished Visitor at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto has just released “How to Run the World”.

Excerpts in today’s National Post read:

“In the Middle Ages, diverse merchant communities were a driving force of diplomacy, managing to translate languages, exchange currencies, and trade a cornucopia of goods across Eurasia. … Corporations now have the grand strategies just like countries. … Technology and finance have torn apart the relationship between borders and identity. … What will the politics of Arab monarchies look like if the Indian government starts demanding a political voice for its millions of guest workers who outnumber the local populations by five to one?”

One wonders what kinds of inter-group tournaments are on the verge of emerging between human hives and national clusters of human hives?

Read the whole excerpt here: Our Ne0-Medieval World