2011 Nominees for Globe Sustainable City Award

Globe Forum has announced the 2011 Nominees for the Sustainable City Award


This award focuses on a holistic approach to Sustainability in cities and integrates different types of resources or capital for a better future in cities around the world. The Conceptual approach is to use the different types of capital below:

  • Environmental Capital – Natural Resources Preservation
  • Social Capital – Well being and Social Relations
  • Human and Intellectual Capital – Innovation and Social Intelligence
  • Technical and Infrastructure Capital – Transportation and ICT
  • Culture and Leisure Capital – Experience
  • Political Capital – Confidence and Public Trust
  • Financial Capital – Assets and Financial Management

Your city needs to demonstrate one or more special initiatives that it has undertaken in the last two years in one or more of the various types of capital above in order to reach a more sustainable future.

How to apply

The nominated cities are:
• Aracuai Brazil
• Murcia, Spain
• São Paulo, Brazil
• Songpa, South Korea
• Tampere, Finland 

Links to their qualities are listed here.

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