Jan Inglis has just released a video that helps us to understand the impasse we face related to decision making and climate change.

Jan’s Summary of the Video: Underlying the climate change crisis is a crisis in our collective ability to make decisions that support sustainable systemic responses. This 37 minute video highlights the connection between the complex challenges of responding to climate change, and the capacities needed to engage in effective democratic decision making. It indicates that research in human development helps us to understand these 21 century capacities. Public deliberation through deliberative democracy, when designed to support  adult development, holds the possibility of improving our capacities to respond systemically to these complex public issues.

This video includes environmentalists Thomas Homer Dixon and Lester Brown, evolutionary biologist Elisabet Sahtouris, developmental specialists Robert Kegan and Bill Torbert, and deliberative democracy and complexity specialists Shawn Rosenberg, Jan Inglis and Sara Ross. Presentations and a study guide are available to accompany the video. This video link is made available free of charge for initial viewing.  As production was self financed donations to cover video production costs are appreciated. For institutional use the High Definition DVD can be purchased. Click here to download and obtain web link for details.