As a follow up to my blog on the Systems and Resilience Cycles for the Restoration of Sendai, Integral City Spiritual Advisor, Terry Patten blogs a much needed set of practices for dealing with the News – good, bad and otherwise.  Terry says:

The news so far during 2011 has been particularly electrifying: Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, and the whole Middle East.  Budget crises worldwide, and in the USA, bitter battles including dramatic moves to rewrite the social contract. Japan’s earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis. The brutal civil war and international intervention in Libya. And there will be more electrifying and heartbreaking news soon, undoubtedly.

It stirs our hearts and our fears, distracts us, fascinates us, and confuses us. There are several ways to practice with this kind of news, and I want to share three perspectives about how we can work with it as a practice.” 

Terry outlines three practices that work at every level – from the macro-world scale to the deeply personal experience.  Click here to read his full blog.

These practices can help us find how to respond to news in ways that tap into our capacity to find out how we can offer our greatest service to the world’s greatest needs – whether that be holding a compassionate heart-space and/or taking appropriate action.  Following, Terry’s wisdom releases us from addictive reactions into designing proactive responses. This is a whole system win because it creates relationships with self, other, Gaia and the Kosmos that make possible an evolutionary emergence. For those who follow these practices in the Integral City it opens up the channels of healing, resonance and collective intelligence.