P 1. Ecosphere Intelligence
1. Honor the climate and geography of your city.
2. Steward the environment.
3. Add value to the Earth space.

P 2. Emerging Intelligence
1. Survive so holons serve each other’s existence.
2. Adapt to the environment.
3. Create a self-regenerating feedback loop, by interconnecting human regeneration cycles so that they replenish the environment.

P 3. Integral Intelligence
1. Map the territory integrally (horizontally through four quadrants, vertically through eight plus levels of development, diagonally through its change states, and relationally through its nested holarchies and fractals of complexity).
2. Create and sustain an integral mapping system at the highest sustainable level of complexity, that is appropriate to the capacities of city management.
3. Learn from and update the maps annually or more often.

P 4. Living Intelligence
1. Honor the dance of life cycles in the city.
2. Integrate the natural cycles of change within the city.
3. Learn how to zoom in and out at different scales to dance with the fractal patterns of the city.

P 5. Inner Intelligence
1. Show up and be self-aware, present, mindful.
2. Notice the city intelligences and map them integrally.
3. Grow leadership in heart, mind, soul.

P 6. Outer Intelligence
1. Manage personal energy.
2. Seek bio-physical well-being for self and others.
3. Nurture healthy leaders.

P 7. Building Intelligence
1. Manage life- sustaining energy for all.
2. Design from the center, at all scales for all holons.
3. Build structures that integrate self-organizing creativity with hierarchies of order.

P 8. Story Intelligence
1. Respect others.
2. Listen deeply.
3. Speak your story, and enable others to speak theirs, to co-create communities of integral practice.

P 9. Inquiry Intelligence
1. Ask what’s working (and not) and co-generate a vision for the city’s contribution to the planet.
2. Create an integral city and community plan.
3. Implement and manage the plan appropriately at all scales in the city.

P 10. Meshworking Intelligence
1. Catalyze fractal connections within the human hive.
2. Build communication bridges across silos, stovepipes and solitudes.
3. Enable meshes and hierarchies that transform, transcend and transmute capacities.

P 11. Navigating Intelligence
1. Select the future destination of the city based on its vision.
2. Design and implement integral dashboards, using integral indicators of well-being for the city.
3. Notice outcomes and make course corrections to enable progress naturally.

P 12. Evolving Intelligences
1. Expect the unexpected.
2. Pay attention to the principles and rules.
3. Enable emergence and resilience by transcending and including integral capacities at Level 8 and beyond.

Master Principle:

  1. Take care of yourself
  2. Take care of each other
  3. Take Care of this Place.


Hamilton, M. (2008). Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive. Gabriola Island BC: New Society Publishers. p. 268-269