Join us for two integral-spiral designed sessions at the WFS, Vancouver, BC July 8 & 9 2011.

Bridging the Great Divides: A Spiral Dynamics Workshop on Cultural Integration, Global Cohesion, and Our Multiple Futures. Dr. Don Beck, Elza Maalouf and Said Dawlablani present July 8. 

The end of the Cold War has not brought us peace in our time. New and often explosive social mixtures have overwhelmed our current institutions and modes of decision making. While we continue to focus on the surface level manifestations—dangerous intra- and intercultural tension, threats to environmental sustainability, racial-based conflicts, revenge and pay-back motives, along with growing gaps in affluence and access to technology—the solutions we have to offer appear to often make things worse, not better.

The focus will be on the underlying value systems (vMeme currents and contours) in Building Bridges among the diverse and even competitive economic, political, health care, education, religious, and community-based models. Everything connects to everything else. This session will use the current Israeli–Palestine crisis as a case study; will focus on the nation building dynamics in Iceland following the financial collapse; and will sketch in the master geopolitical code with the power and precision to facilitate the movement of 6.7 billion humans through developmental layers, waves, and worldviews. The workshop will offer bold, innovative, and multidimensional forms of Building Bridges in the twenty-first century.

Who should attend: Individuals looking for better ways to understand diversity, complexity and change and those seeking practical solutions to complex problems and searching for ways of providing practical methods of creating seamless organizations and societies.

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Grok, Talk, Walk, Rock: Choreography for Four Generations: Dr. Marilyn Hamilton, Dr. Barbara Marx-Hubbard, Cherlynn Beck, Vanessa Fisher present July 9.

In today’s Human Hive, how do generational cohorts align (or not) as they clash, coordinate, collaborate, and constellate? What differentiates those born before World War II from the baby boomers, Gen X, and the millennials? How are these four generations archetypal in their thinking, behaviors, relationships, and systems? Join our quartet as we voice the worldviews, capacities, and complexities of four generational patterns and how we open and/or block effective practices and strategies in today’s city. As we Grok, Talk, Walk, and Rock, presenters will reveal the four generational cohorts we represent. Research from Integral City will underline the dynamics of generational values in decision making and resource allocation. This session will finish with a performance that choreographs cosmic cycles with the resilience cycles of the Human Hive.

Who should attend: Anyone who needs a new paradigm for succession planning. Anyone interested in how generational lifecycles affect city dynamics. Anyone who would like to explore theory, research, and non-linear methodologies for shifting relationships in human systems.

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