September Equinox Greetings, Integral City-zens and Friends of Integral City  

Today’s Integral City Sparkie for City Embodiment :

The carrying capacity for each city is intimately tied to its eco-region, even though cities have attempted to import their needs from increasingly distant locations.
(Hamilton, M., 2008, Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive, p.152)

Integral Sustainable Design, by Mark DeKay works on the body, mind, heart and soul as it serves three audiences – each captured in one word of its title. Firstly it guides the scholar of Integral Theory to explore the principles of Design. Secondly, the book serves the student of Sustainability to appreciate the fundamentals of wholism, living systems, systems thinking and ecology. Thirdly its primary audience is designers and students of design and architecture to whom it introduces and explores the emerging field of Integral Design.
 (From Volume 6, Issue 3, September, 2011 Journal of Integral Theory & Practice,  Book Review by Marilyn Hamilton of Integral Sustainable Design, by Mark DeKay (Earthscan 2011) .

Here are some ways that Integral City is meshworking sustainability practices with practitioners in cities, regions and countries around the world.

Publications and Learning Events:

  1. Read Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, Volume 6, Issue 3, September, 2011. JITP is publishing our Review of Mark DeKay’s new book Integral Sustainable Design (ISD). This is a “must-have” reference for anyone trying to understand and/or implement the design elements of an Integral City.
  2. Order the DVD of the August, 2011 Embody Integral Sustainability Conference sponsored by Experience Integral at Venwoude, NL. This DVD includes presentations by Barrett Brown, Marilyn Hamilton, Irini Rockwell, Anouk Brack +++.
  3.  Take a first hand tour of an EcoVillage which embodies many of the principles, perspectives and prospects explored by Mark DeKay in ISD. Discover EVA Lanxmeer, award winning neighbourhood of the City of Culemborg, in the Netherlands. Join me on Talking/Walking Tour with Peter Merry, Founder of Center for Human Emergence, NL.
  4. Read our Inquiry and Research articles related to Generational Exploration:
    i.  Grok, Talk, Walk, Rock: Choreographing Four Generations in the City. Click here to read presentation from World Future Society, July 2011.ii.  Generational Cycles, Saecula and Cities: How Do Integral Artists, Boomers, Gen X and Millennial Generations Impact City Values and Policy Development? Access the article published in Integral Leadership Review, August, 2011.
  5. Attend Conscious Leadership for Sustainability, October 3-5 to December 6-7, 2011, Venwoude, NL. Course features Barrett Brown, Ken Wilber, David Ballard, Anouk Brack, and other thought leaders.
  6. Reframe Life in the Human Hive: What if Sustainability Were Easy? December 2, 2011, RRU, Victoria BC. What if sustainability generated beauty? What if it was fun? What if sustainability was a personal journey marked by laughter, love and liveliness? This is a one day workshop inviting participants to begin a new path to freedom that shifts the search for sustainability from the outer world to the inner world. It begins with self, can be shared at home and changes the world one appreciative act at a time. Click title for Details and Registration.
  7. Click to Review the Report and Case Studies on Sustainable Colwood: A Strategy for a Climate Action Plan. These are the key deliverables from Royal Roads University, inaugural cohort of the Sustainable Community Development Graduate Certificate. Congratulations to the students and the City of Colwood for their successful collaboration.
  8. Apply Integral City principles to a Community of Interest in January, 2012 at Royal Roads University Sustainable Community Development Graduate Certificate. We begin our second Graduate Certificate Course. Click here for Registration Details. Or contact us if you’d like to nominate a location for a Community of Interest . You supply the place, wesupply a cohort of highly motivated Action Learning researchers!

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…meshful blessings for this season of embodiment …