How do I #Occupy the voice of the Integral Citizen? I begin with the power of  who I am as the “I” of the city. As such I actually occupy the “mind” of the city. My voice occupies a tone that resounds with my full aliveness. Its melody is my purpose. Its chorus is my family and friendships. Its bass notes are my community. My voice works as part of a choral symphony where differences are not only accepted, they occupy the orchestra’s dynamic contribution to the world.

I am culturally creative and learn by listening how others voice in the moment. I honour the voices of others and want us to sing to our highest potential. As I occupy my true voice, I want to hear others voices too. I speak for the oppressed and fight for human rights and dignity for all.

Yet after 10 or 20 or even 30 years of trying to occupy my culturally creative potential, I am often overwhelmed by the cacophony of economic, environmental, social and spiritual dissonance. I have paid a lot of my own time, money and effort to enable many voices to be heard — with very little to show in return. Where I expected people to cooperate, collaborate and co-create, I am constantly frustrated by lack of agreement, dysfunction and disorder. I long to hear voices that transcend the chaos and confrontation in the world and inspire all citizens to occupy a new harmony in the city.

I know there IS a bigger music, a different way of voicing, a deeper way of becoming harmonious.

So, I Occupy the commitment to being a Voice that makes a difference to emerging dynamic harmony in the city.