Civil Society #occupies the We and Heart of the Integral City.  As Civil Society We beat with the pulse of cooperatives, credit unions, foundations, institutes, not-for-profits, NGO’s, social enterprises and other agencies who invest in cultural and social capital in our Integral City.

As Civil Society Members and Activists our volunteers #occupy principles of city wellbeing. As Civil Society Executive Directors and Staff, We #occupy roles that implement and deliver strategies and goals. As  Civil Society Boards, Steering Committees and citizen grassroots groups We #occupy visions and values that make a difference.

Civil Society occupies offices where financial asset accumulation is not the sole measure of our success. We #occupy expectations for Quality of life as a condition of our Integral City, and recognize our partnership with those who #occupy the offices of Civic Managers.

We #occupy politics as the art of the possible – it is our natural environment. We support the Integral City’s production and profit sectors so they generate rewards for people who #occupy the city everywhere.

We #occupy the hearts of city fathers and mothers who work to leave a legacy for our future generations. Our Civil Society Board Members #occupy successful economic and environmental city leadership roles. We #occupy beliefs in the priority of people’s contribution to profit and planetary success.

As We #occupy the heart of Integral City We are creating new agendas for social change.

As Civil Society We #occupy conscious and cultural ways and means to integrate We with I,  Him/Her and Them to create a Healthy Integral City.