Who #occupies the Voice of the Civic Manager?  When everyone else is speaking at #occupy city square, who’s ears are occupied by the Civic Manager’s words? The voice of the Civic Manager speaks for senior leaders in city hall, the healthcare system, the justice system, the school system, and the library system. The Civic Manager calls forth conditions for the Integral City to run effectively across all sectors. The voice calls for civic order and safety. Sometimes it sounds as systematic as an air traffic controller, others as logical as an engineer and yet others as strategic as a designer. The voice of the Civic Manager is trained to coordinate the orchestra of city planning, engineering, economic development, transportation, waste and water management, energy distribution, street maintenance, cultural and social planning, emergency and medical services, animal/human interface management and ecological/sustainability strategy. The voice of the Civic Manager recites building standards, maintenance schedules, official agendas and town hall calendars. The Civic Manager’s voice persuades responsibility and accountability across multiple disciplines, sectors and stakeholders.

Occupy the Voice of the Civic Manager and you may be speechless when senior governments downsize and off-load, wondering how to deliver increasing results with declining resources. At the same time the Voice of the Civic Manager occupies a ferris-wheel of accelerating change as city populations have become Global Villages.

Often caught between the opposing expectations of citizens and senior politicos, the Voice of the Civic Manager transposes more keys, translates more lyrics and spans more octaves than any other voice in the Integral City .

The Voice of the Civic Manager occupies the channels we depend on for our daily existence in the Integral City.