Integral City Developers #occupy the positive 1% who generate diversity to overcome the blockages and barriers in city systems. They #occupy development opportunities grand enough to attract others but where the economic risk is designed to reward purpose, priority, profit, people and planet.

Developers #occupy the Integral City Voice with visions, inspiring pictures and projects that call forth the future. Combinations of entrepreneur and dream-maker, they are always on the lookout for innovative designs and technological capacities. They can be adaptable and quick to change, politically adept with freedom to choose. The best Developers #occupy scientific and spiritual voices, and task and people skills with equal competence.

Developers of the Integral City #occupy commitments to sustainability, ecology and spirituality as natural features of their developments. But They are often confronted with outdated planning approvals, antiquated building codes, unwilling trades people and citizen resistance to change. Nevertheless, They #occupy the edges of our systems where behind all the 99% of surface chaos, exists elegance, order, flexibility and flow.

Integral City Developers #occupy the special 1% of intelligent voices that enable new patterns, systems, structures and infrastructures to evolve 100% of the human hive.