December Solstice Greetings, Integral City-zens and Friends of Integral City  

Today’s Integral City Sparkies for City Emergence:

The larger the city the more likely it will span a wider and wider spectrum of individual purposes; ghettoes of differing purposes and intentions will emerge and the demands of governance will need to address these discontinuities. p.181

The capacity of community and leadership are co-determined. Each arises simultaneously, with the community being the container for holding the emergence of leadership and leadership being the catalyst for emerging community. p.187

The new bottom line for leaders who have consciousness to the Power of 8, will be to enable emergence and evolution in people, organizations, cities and the world simultaneously. p.195

Health … emerges from resilience — a capacity to flexibly relate to one’s environment, including relating to others in it – so that sourcing nourishment, sustaining life and reproducing may continue to occur despite conditions of change in the environment. p.224

Hamilton, M., 2008, Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive

As 2011 moves into the season of Light, we embrace the City around the world as both the stage and the actor where change is emerging fastest. The City has not only been occupied literally but occupies our mind symbolically as the centre where structural emergence is exploding into new forms. Highly leveraged, deeply connected, integrally enmeshed, the City now pulses with both individual freedom and a new wave of collective reformation. I am the City and the City is me. We are the City and the City is us.

Integral City will reach beyond the OCCUPY disturbances of 2011, to EMERGE  new leaders, actions, relationships and structures to evolve the City through 2012 and beyond.


Mark you calendars for September 2012 – Integral City Meshworks in partnership with Integral Leadership Review is sponsoring the Integral City e-LABORATORY throughout September 2012. Modelled on the smash-hit of 2011 the Integral Leadership Collaboratory the e-LABORATORY will explore how Integral Frameworks and Best Practices are evolving intelligences in cities around the world. With Keynote Speakers from City Leaders and the Integral World; Design Labs with Global Developers and Civic Managers; and Community Circles Lead by Activists and Civil Society Entrepreneurs we will deliver four weeks of non-stop exploration about the City, that will open your eyes to environmental breakthroughs, career opportunities and evolutionary collaborations, all at the convenience of your nearest e-screen. Details will be released in 2012. Get on our e-arly Bird update list by sending an email to

2. 2012 Learning Events:

1. Reframe Life in the Human Hive: What if Sustainability Were Easy? January 23, 2011, RRU, Victoria BC. What if sustainability generated beauty? What if it was fun? What if sustainability was a personal journey marked by laughter, love and liveliness? This is a one day workshop inviting participants to begin a new path to freedom that shifts the search for sustainability from the outer world to the inner world. It begins with self, can be shared at home and changes the world one appreciative act at a time. Click title for Details and Registration.

2. Apply Integral City principles to a Community of Interest in April, 2012 at Royal Roads University Sustainable Community Development Graduate Certificate. The Capital Regional District of Victoria will be our Community of Interest as we begin our second Graduate Certificate Course. Click here for Registration Details. Or contact us if you’d like to nominate a location for a Community of Interest . You supply the place, we supply a cohort of highly motivated Action Learning researchers!

3. Order the DVD of the August, 2011 Embody Integral Sustainability Conference sponsored by Experience Integral at Venwoude, NL. This DVD includes presentations by Barrett Brown, Marilyn Hamilton, Irini Rockwell, Anouk Brack +++.

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…meshful blessings for this season of light and emergence…

Marilyn Hamilton PhD CGA CSP, Editor