What has the front page image of the woman in the Blue Bra in Tahrir Square got to do with the opening of the movie re-make of the “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”? The Blue Bra speaks of women’s vulnerable defiance in the real world. The Dragon Tattoo’s owner, Lisbeth Salander acts with assertive defiance in the fictional world. Both speak of women stepping into a new archetype – the diversity generator – one that belongs to the Millennial generation as women shift from roles where they have supported the status quo from positions of conformity enforcement to roles where they will lead change and generate new ways of experiencing, acting, relating and structuring the world. The Blue Bra and the Dragon Tattoo symbolize a shift for women from both the developing world and the developed world. They signal that things will not continue as they have been. Watch for shift lines across genders and generations, across nations and belief systems. Beware of tilting playing fields because resource allocators and inner judges who play by entirely different rules are emerging. Their standard bearers wear the Blue Bra and the Dragon Tattoo. They have the evolutionary intelligence of the Shambala Warriors we’ve been waiting for.