What would Integral City contribute to TED’s City 2.0 prize?

City 2.0 is differentiated from City 1.0 primarily because it moves from being inward oriented to being outward oriented. City 1.0 cares for its residents (on good days) while Integral City 2.0 cares for the world by caring for its citizens and stewarding its place and space on behalf of Gaia.

Integral City 2.0 frames the city as Gaia’s Reflective Organ.  Integral City 2.0 has Gaia’s reflective capacity embedded in its 12 Integral City intelligences . Integral City’s 2.0 meta-intelligence reflects a trajectory of caring capacity (not just carrying capacity) that expands from self-care to other-care to caring for this place. The core of TED City 2.0 would pulse with the consciousness and spirit of Integral City’s reflective organ in service to Gaia’s organic wellbeing.