Integral City has blasted into outer space! Or at least sub-orbital flight.

Teaming up with astronaut, Dr. Mindy Howard, we are contributing to the Next Generation Sub-orbital Research Conference (Feb 27-29 Palo Alto).  Check out Mindy and team’s itinerary for blast off under Flight Training Peak Experience: Optimizing the Conditions of Inner Space for Outer Space.

This is a new opportunity for Integral City 2.0 to contribute to the emergence of Evolutionary Intelligences for the human hive, through experimenting with Inner Space so we can be successful in Outer Space. We imagined this kind of endeavour would evolve City 2.0 (3.0, 4.0 ++) on this benign planet in order to gain the skills we need for crafting space colonies in Chapter 12 of the Integral City book  (listen to Chapter 12 of the book here).

This approach to evolution reminds us that our inner mind spaces are the real launching pads for attaining sustainable orbits in outer space at any Kosmic address.