This blog is a fifth prologue for a keynote at the FreshOutlook Feb. 27, 2012 Building SustainABLE Communities Conference.

Civic meshworkers who use Integral City integrated sustainable community approaches become part of a multi-stakeholder meshworking brain-trust.

We are catalyzing the intelligences of the government, civil society, organizations and academic institutions transplanting resources, assets and ideas that contribute to wellness at home, play and work. Together we are creating entire new operating systems for sustainability that will enable economic, environmental, social and cultural recovery.

When we co-create habitats for sustainable communities in our Human Hives we quickly discover that:

  • our actions inevitably enhance our city and community images and reputations
  • secure supply chains emerge in around Integral Cities
  • risk is mitigated through shared values and proximate peers
  • we retain and attract high-performers
  • we create opportunities for sustainable energy efficiencies as we learn how to competitively recycle energy and effort in our eco-region;
  • we redefine value-added profitability not just for our organizations, but for the city, its eco-region and I daresay Gaia herself;

When multiple stakeholders mesh together, we create community sustainability systems that become regenerative– where we naturally align intelligences, principles and strategies for leadership, relationships, organizational development and governance to transform entire cities into living, exceptional, sustainable human hives.