July Greetings, Integral City-zens and Friends of Integral City  

Today’s Integral City Sparkies for City Co-Creators:

Architect Christopher Alexander is experimenting with the “Phenomenon of Life,” co-designing living worlds where building centers, hulls and space are co-created with the stakeholders and future users of the buildings. He and his team are doing this with everyone from poor Mexican workers, to Japanese university students, to groups of house owners in rural and highly urbanized community settings.

Hamilton, M., 2008, Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive, p.156

How do we design the city so that I, WE, IT and ITS can co-exist in a vibrant way?


We invite you to help us co-create the Future of the City conference by taking 10 minutes to complete this survey: https://www.jitsulab.com/197/0065/The Future of the City Survey. Thanks for returning it by July 15.

Below some of the questions that provoke, engage, question and cross connect co-creators of the Future of the Human Hive!!! We are building a huge excitement and momentum as we ask them with everyone we encounter – in person, online, internationally, through the Blog, in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.   Let us know what are your burning questions for how to co-exist in the city on our planet of cities?


What role are cities playing, as 2012 shifts through the longest/shortest days of its year (depending on your location on the planet)?

  • How are cities surviving the turbulence of life everywhere? How do  cities adapt to polarities of shadow and light in constant play?
  • In the shadows, how do cities survive the misery of the Syrian war, the seeming futility of the EU economic tactics, the searing heat in eastern North America or the disappointment of Rio+20?
  • In the light, what are the implications for cities of the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle (and the promise of deep understanding of dark energy and dark matter)? What does it mean for cities that human lifecycles are extending beyond 100 years?  What are the lessons for cities about the densifying connections emerging from social media that defy all traditional political assumptions in places like Rangoon, Cairo and Montreal?

How does 2012 call forth new paradigms in just about every sphere of knowledge we care to examine?

  • Where is the kiva for the city where new conversations about city wellbeing can engage City-Zens with scientists, artists, designers, practitioners and faith leaders?
  • How can we discover a new paradigm for the city together? How might we co-create new solutions to: the city’s relationship with its eco-region, indigenous peoples and immigrants from the four corners of the globe; the city’s access to and use of energy, water and food; and the maturing of the city’s collective intelligence?

With more than 50% of people living in cities, how are they the seed pods for the human species where intentions, actions, relationships and productive output collide and co-create our collective habitats?

  • What shifts in our thinking are needed to not only track the quantities of all these interactions, but also to notice the quality and complexity of these exchanges?
  • We wonder, if we take the pulse of more than 50% of humanity in city activity, can we track each city’s essential wellbeing? How does each city’s capacity to achieve wellbeing simultaneously become its measure of resilience?
  • How do cities develop new governance to interact sustainably on a planet of cities?

We invite you to become part of the Brain Trust to design an eLaboratory where we can research new capacities for an Integral City. Start by giving us your ideas and suggestions here: https://www.jitsulab.com/197/0065/The Future of the City Survey

 (BTW, If you are interested in volunteering on the team forming to deliver the conference (rewards provided!!) – find out more here: https://www.jitsulab.com/271/0005/Integral%20City%20eLab%20Volunteer%20Application


  1. New Integral City Connections & Resources:


  • Integral City joined the Energetic City 2050 in Antwerp in April.  Check out how Alliander (with Partners and Freedom Lab facilitation) have challenged three teams to discover how individuals can generate their own energy in 2050. http://www.energeticcity2050.nl/#slide=expeditie (in Dutch)



  • Integral City has published Integral Spirituality in the Human Hive –  the “thirteenth” chapter of the book, Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligence for the Human Hive. The new chapter has been published by the German Engineering Journal, Trialog. A pdf is available (with permission) from our Wiki link:   http://www.integralcity.com/wiki.html .  Reference: Hamilton, M. (2012). Integral Spirituality in the Human Hive: A Primer. Trialog, 2010(4), 10-17.


2. 2012 Learning Events:

  1. Dr. Don Beck delivers THE MOMENTOUS LEAP in Dallas-Forth Worth Texas September 6-9, 2012. Join him for Spiral Dynamics in Action:Deciphering the Master Code in the Age of Complexity, Collaboration and Emergence. A Functional, Integral Pathway to a Sustainable Future For details and registration click here: 13th Annual SDi Confab
  2. Join us at the October – December, 2012 for EMBODY INTEGRAL SUSTAINABILITY Conference sponsored by Experience Integral in the Netherlands. We are honoured to be part of an extraordinary international faculty leading change-makers and practitioners in the field of SUSTAINABILITY LEADERSHIP. The three month long intensive program is customized to meet personal and organization needs, blending group learning and individualized support. Find out details here: http://www.experienceintegral.org/cl4s


3. Marilyn Blogs about Integral City Intelligences through the framework of What, So What, Now What . As a prologue to the September 2012 eLaboratory, check out all our eLaboratory Blogs here http://www.integralcitycollective.com . These are the topics we’ve covered:

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  • Designing Ecosphere Economies for Planet of Cities
  • Earth Day: Let’s Celebrate Ecosphere Intelligence Arising in Planet’s Fortune100!!

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  • Emergent Designers Seek Energetic City 2050 for Arnhem
  • Emergent Intelligence Frames Whole System Design

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  • Principles for Living Intelligently in a Healthy City
  • Living Intelligence – Are You the Center of Aliveness in Your City?

Integral Intelligence Reveals Whole City Vitality

  • Connect City-Eco-Regional Holarchy: Improve Health
  • Integral Intelligence – Psycho-Activates Gaia’s Reflective Organ

Inner Intelligence – The Reflective “I” Power of the Human Hive

  • Cherry Blossom Happiness Factor of City-Centric Inner Intelligence
  • Inner Intelligence is Seedbed of City’s Intuition, Insight, Innovation

…meshful blessings for this season of Co-Creating Futures for the Human Hive … 


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