Cultural intelligence represents the “We” life of the city. It is the beating heart of the Human Hive.   This heart-based intelligence embraces the relationships in the city.

These relationships transcend boundaries that both contain and separate families, groups, organizations and all the collectives of people in the city.  It includes the individual and the group voice; multiple levels of values; and both city cultures and rural cultures.

The voices of Cultural Intelligence tell the stories of the city, creating a heart-beat of the city that resonates to different rhythms, reflects distinctive heart-felt places within the city’s spaces and recalls the histories of the many cultures that now live in our cities.

City cultures depend totally on the quality of relationships. The culture of the city represents the lived values of its citizens. It is the perpetual barometer of “what is important around here”?

How we prioritize those values at home, work, play or in spiritual practise translates into the quality of our relationships and the intelligence that represents the city’s culture.

As our world cities have become more cosmopolitan, many cities now contain all the world’s cultures, belief systems and ethnic relationships within its boundaries. These kinds of “city limits” in fact are very complex and now create potential for unlimited possibilities. This cultural fertility is the seedbed of the Hive Mind that is gradually emerging as a new form of cultural consciousness (and an ever-expanding collective unconscious).


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