Inquiry is so much more productive for the wellbeing of the city, than prescriptions for health, because it opens the doors of innovation and generativity.

For a truly vibrant city, each inquiry question reveals a whole system of values all of which must be healthy, in order for the whole city to be healthy.

The eight value systems that have currently evolved are represented in these themes:

  1. Individual safety and survival
  2. Bonding, family relationships, clan and tribal customs
  3. Individual expressiveness, joy, personal power
  4. Order, authority, rules, laws, bylaws, ordinances, infrastructure
  5. Organization, efficiency, effectiveness, strategies, results
  6. Community, diversity, acceptance of differences, equal rights
  7. Whole systems thinking, ecological connections
  8. Global worldviews, shared world emergence

The deficiencies and blocks identified in an inquiry indicate the barriers to the natural flow of resources to, within and through a healthy human hive. In our quest for city improvement, how can we overcome the causes of such blocks and recreate the vibrant health that sustain our city?

One of the most powerful outcomes of using this values mapping inquiry process is that it creates a common language to interpret and talk about our Human Hives. And we learn that we can have many answers to one question.


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