Exploring the intelligence of the city is a necessary research project to ensure the survival of the human species on this earth.  

Bucky Fuller   “The 21st century is when we find out if the human race is a failed experiment.”  “We do not have a political problem, we have a design problem. We must design a world where everyone can succeed, or everyone will fail.”

The never ending quest of the human evolutionary impulse, will likely lead us to continue to reach off earth to access the infinite supply of resources elsewhere in our solar system and the univese.  Eventually evolutionary intelligence will lead us to create the conditions where human life can be supported in space cities or colonies.

If our experiment on earth succeeds, we will then be able to apply the intelligences we develop on earth to obtain the resources to build space colonies from space. (For we do not have sufficient energy or resources to move the necessary resources from earth to a space colony.)

Thus we have many years of Integral City capacity building ahead of us — from food production and shelter construction, to inner space people development systems to mining meteorites — to create before a self-sustaining planet earth can serve (and a space colony can emerge).

This will require us to grow the capacities of collaboration, community, constellation and colonization beyond any context the human system has ever evolved.


This blog is a prologue to the Integral City webinar conference  City 2.0 Co-Creating the Future of the Human Hive . We are inventing a new operating system for the city.  Click to get more details re the Free Expo and eLaboratory membership  scheduled September 4-27  2012. You are invited to attend and participate.