The relevance of evolution intelligence to the whole field of city wellbeing influences how the city develops its purpose, identity, vision, values, cultural relationships and even its infrastructures.

When a city can be aligned around core evolutionary values in an explicit way (like storytelling instead of non-inclusive city planning practices) it can more easily sustain quality of life for all citizens. Cities like Curitiba, Vancouver and Songpa improve quality of life by aligning qualitative and quantitative sustainability indicators

Now What? Three simple rules can be proposed for applying Integral City Evolution Intelligences:

  1. Expect the unexpected.
  2. Pay attention to the rules of city intelligences.
  3. Enable emergence and resilience by transcending and including integral capacities at all levels of complexity.

Finally evolution intelligence requires that we practise a Master Rule:

  • Take care of yourself.
  • Take care of each other.
  • Take care of this place.


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