Thanksgivings and Question-Harvests in the Human Hive

Ten days after the final Integral City 2.0 Online Conference (IC2OC) … and we have celebrated our first Thanksgiving (whose timing we borrow from Canada :-))

We are thankful for the people who made the IC2OC possible: all the volunteers, the speakers, the affiliates and the participants – in a constantly
intermeshing order.

We have an inventory of harvest outcomes that is almost overwhelming in its plenitude: products like 50 mp3 recordings; 36 pdf transcripts of
interviews (in various stages of completion); daily harvest summaries; website postings from participants; conference member profiles; weekly harvest paintings; music; video; social media and more to come.

We are grateful for all the relationships we discovered – not only with individuals, but with affiliates, partners and suppliers to name a few.

We are awed by the complex learning and research processes we created to produce the eLaboratory and Live Event phase of IC2OC.

And now we are harvesting a process that took 36 months to produce 36 Live Event sessions. We are noticing natural patterns emerging as we
immerse ourselves in a sea of amazing data about the Human Hive.

These I pose now simply as research questions, that we will be exploring as we gather, store, appreciate and re-purpose the Harvest in service to our Planet and her Cities.

  • What have we learned about designing a new operating system for the city on a Planet of Cities?
  • How is the new paradigm of the city integrally based on the Principles of Life?
  • How do those principles of sustainability and resilience emerge from Energy, Matter and Information?
  • What are the protocols of behaviour, thought, relationship and systems that we need in our cities on a Planet of Cities?
  • What is the new story of the city on a Planet of Cities?
  • What are the life-giving practices for individuals and communities in our cities?
  • How do we source and re-source Life in our cities for our planet?
  • What is the relationship of City Spirit to the new operating for this city on a Planet of Cities?
  • What have we come to understand about how the Master Code impacted our inquiry, our processes, our conference?

About the Author:

HI I am the Founder of Integral City Meshworks Inc. and Chief Blogger. Working with cities and eco-regions, I ‘meshwork’ or weave people, purpose, priorities, profits, programs and processes to align contexts, grow capacity and develop strategies for sustainability and resilience in the Integral City. You can read more details about me here


  1. Freed Schmitter October 14, 2012 at 2:55 pm - Reply

    On other places, I did suggest that IC2OC could submit its summary for 10 x 10.000 $ regarding the TED City 2.0 contest. Was this already done or considered, as there are only three opportunities left for this year. Integral City 2.0 might also appear in the list of resources. See http://www.thecity2.0rg

    • Marilyn Hamilton October 14, 2012 at 3:19 pm - Reply

      HI Freed – thanks for your great idea. FYI we have submitted 3 applications and so far they don’t quite fit the TED format. However, they are getting to recognize us 🙂

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