Ten days after the final Integral City 2.0 Online Conference (IC2OC) … and we have celebrated our first Thanksgiving (whose timing we borrow from Canada :-))

We are thankful for the people who made the IC2OC possible: all the volunteers, the speakers, the affiliates and the participants – in a constantly
intermeshing order.

We have an inventory of harvest outcomes that is almost overwhelming in its plenitude: products like 50 mp3 recordings; 36 pdf transcripts of
interviews (in various stages of completion); daily harvest summaries; website postings from participants; conference member profiles; weekly harvest paintings; music; video; social media and more to come.

We are grateful for all the relationships we discovered – not only with individuals, but with affiliates, partners and suppliers to name a few.

We are awed by the complex learning and research processes we created to produce the eLaboratory and Live Event phase of IC2OC.

And now we are harvesting a process that took 36 months to produce 36 Live Event sessions. We are noticing natural patterns emerging as we
immerse ourselves in a sea of amazing data about the Human Hive.

These I pose now simply as research questions, that we will be exploring as we gather, store, appreciate and re-purpose the Harvest in service to our Planet and her Cities.

  • What have we learned about designing a new operating system for the city on a Planet of Cities?
  • How is the new paradigm of the city integrally based on the Principles of Life?
  • How do those principles of sustainability and resilience emerge from Energy, Matter and Information?
  • What are the protocols of behaviour, thought, relationship and systems that we need in our cities on a Planet of Cities?
  • What is the new story of the city on a Planet of Cities?
  • What are the life-giving practices for individuals and communities in our cities?
  • How do we source and re-source Life in our cities for our planet?
  • What is the relationship of City Spirit to the new operating for this city on a Planet of Cities?
  • What have we come to understand about how the Master Code impacted our inquiry, our processes, our conference?