The seasons shift this week – in both hemispheres.

Regeneration moves Life through another seasonal cycle. In the Human Hive, the plot energizing this oldest of tales tells us how we produce the 40 pounds of honey that keeps us alive.

  • Our babies and our children respond to the family environment that cares for them. Their fusion with their landscape  gives us the stirrings of mystic awareness that we come from and are surrounded by abundance.
  • Our teenagers feel the impulses of growth hormones surging through their bodies, beating out the raps of mythic heroes who defy the odds (aka slay dragons in the environment) to claim the prize.
  • Our adults follow their news in well-ordered reports, mapping the logic of reason, science, work and productivity.
  • Our elders discern the shared learnings from the practical power of everyone’s stories about manifesting the feast.
  • Our spiritual guides compose new melodies of universal re-sourcefulness, sung octaves beyond the mystic murmurs, mythic tales, organizational reports and community stories heard around the Human Hive.

As Regeneration moves across the life cycles, seasons and generations of individuals and collectives, consciousness creates itself anew throughout the ever-creative exchanges of the Human Hive. Through self, others, organizations and systems we grow a deepening appreciation that all the stories about the “40 pounds of honey” keep us alive – they shift us into new adaptive patterns in every season.