When we are called to be of service to the Highest Good, we cross a threshold that moves us beyond ego into something deeper, more alive, more awake, more demanding – even into the realm of Divine Mystery.

Astrocyte as Image of Divine Mystery

Astrocyte as Image of Divine Mystery

Essentially we offer our work of optimizing Integral City to the Divine. And in doing so we demand of ourselves standards we might call “impeccable”. Roger Walsh reminds us however, of the paradox of doing so. Even as we practice to the highest quality of design, delivery and follow up, in serving the Evolutionary Impulse, we let go of attachment to outcome.

As cultural anthropologist, Angeles Arrien reminded us long ago – our work as an accomplice of the Divine is to: show up, be present, speak our truth and let go of results.

These most “simple” instructions take us deeper into our Self even as we step deeper into our service to the world.

When we are optimizing the impact of Integral City practice, we may enter a flow state, where the Divine uses us in ways we can’t predict or control. But once we taste the power of this “giving up”, we create the conditions to attain a state of greater “waking up”.

And as we survey the trouble spots of the world these days – mostly located in cities – we face challenges that seem overwhelming with seemingly no precedents for easy solutions. We do not know if the choices we make – challenging terrorism, dealing with homelessness, facing a deluge of refugee migrations – will lead to desolation or prosperity.

But our practice of contemplation, our opening to a collective intelligence, our commitment to a never-ending path of learning extends our circles of care to embrace the whole city as we sense the Divine embracing the whole planet. We can be of service in allowing the Divine to use us. There is magic in the Master Code – to Care for Self, so that we can Care for Others, so we can Care for this Place, so we can Care for this Planet. This practice impacts the city and the world with the Grace of the Divine and makes us accomplices of Goodness, Truth and Beauty beyond our understanding.



Thanks to Dr. Roger Walsh for his profound Keynote at Integral Europe Conference 2014, for inspiring this series of blogs on Optimizing Integral City Impact