The West and Russia: A Divergence of Values?

This is a re-publication of an article by Keith Rice, published in Eros and Kosmos, August, 2014.
It offers an explanation of the Contexting and Strategic Intelligences that lie behind the article I wrote on City Trigger Points, Country Tipping Points  also published in Eros and Kosmos.
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Eugene Pustoshkin, Editor of Eros and Kosmos (the only significant Integral online magazine in the Russian noosphere) explains why this is an important article.
Keith E. Rice wrote upon my request his perspective on Russia/Ukraine and Putin. I value his analysis because it is informed by a good insight into what he terms integrated sociopsychology and includes a Spiral Dynamics Integral perspective. 
Of course, any single perspective is always destined to be limited, however this perspective, I hope, could offer fresh insights and open new dialogues and collective inquiries into the complexities of the occasions that we witness in East Europe which might have global repercussions. …
Blessings, Eugene Pustoshkin, 
Chief Editor, Eros & Kosmos (http://eroskosmos.org)
Keith Rice starts off by saying …
It’s difficult to write an article triggered by, but not about, an ongoing crisis that has no obvious outcome in any predictable timeframe. The Ukrainian army may be gaining ground but the United Nations’ concern about a growing humanitarian crisis may force them to slow down their assaults — perhaps helped by rockets fired at them allegedly from across the Russian border. The brutal fact is that West is not going to go to war over the low-level but brutal civil war in eastern Ukraine. The West is likely to continue to support Kiev diplomatically and with military supplies and intelligence and there will be reluctant incremental upgrades to the European Union sanctions on Russia (and retaliatory Russian sanctions on the West); but no American or European soldiers are going to die for Donetsk or Luhansk, even if there were to be an overt Russian military incursion.

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  1. Rev. Alia Aurami August 29, 2014 at 7:44 pm - Reply

    I did read the whole article by Rice, and found it packed with perspectives new to most Westerners, and worth contemplating. I think Rice is off the mark about some things, but God knows we need all the perspectives we can get, on these matters. (I would ask him how come Putin holding back is 2nd Tier wisdom but Obama holding back is “dithering?”]

    However, there is a challenge in getting perspectives we need: sheer absence of plain old information, mitigates against forming a variety of, and new, perspectives based on information. Most people have no idea of the many kinds of alternative news sources available to them just in a few clicks on the Internet. So there are layers of challenges for anyone seeking to understand and perhaps be helpful.

    This article helps.

    I still wonder what is the relationship between these matters on the national scale and on the city scale? Clearly, cities must operate in the context of national governance systems, but is there ANY influence in the other direction, or, at least, is there some degree of independence? How different can a city governance system be from the national system? And what conditions would foster or inhibit a city from trying to be different?

  2. Rev. Alia Aurami August 29, 2014 at 8:34 pm - Reply

    On further reflection, I think I’ve spotted what I think is an error made by many who attribute “Second Tier” where I wouldn’t. It is possible to regard “strategic’ thinking as 2T by underestimating the ability of even RED to do highly complex strategizing, some of which can be watchful waiting.

    IMO no thinking, no matter how complex it seems, is 2T without being motivated by 2T VALUES, which Putin is not and never has been, as far as I can discern. He might be a genius strategist in service to his 1stT values within his 1T worldview, but he is not “capable of 2T thinking” thereby, in my view. His concern is not, and won’t be, the health of all stages in the spiral, which is the sine qua non of Second Tier. Is that not so?

    • Marilyn Hamilton August 30, 2014 at 10:45 pm - Reply

      Alia your questions re 2T assume people arrive and/or mature fully formed in 2T. IMO in terms of Integral psychograph we are all displaying different levels/lines in different quadrants and no one has a steady stage 2T (yet). So with that view both Putin and Obama could be spiking up to 2T on some lines but not others. We are all a work in progress.

  3. Marilyn Hamilton August 30, 2014 at 10:35 pm - Reply

    Alia – you ask many good questions. I am starting on a research and writing project to try and answer some of them. It may take awhile – but your questions will help frame the inquiry.

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