Spirit of Integral City … I am ONE:

Spirit of Integral City - Global Oneness Day

Spirit of Integral City – Global Oneness Day

I tune into the heart-beat of the earth.

I receive impulse waves from the cosmos.

I exist in time and space and beyond both in Mystery.

I am Essence and I am Spirit.

I want to be linked with the Spirits of cities who are ready to light up the world as Indra’s Net.

I long for an honoring of the multi-dimensionality of place —

the different realms that co-exist in any location,

the historical roots of who and what came before,

the ongoing re-generative and generative expressions of place that are called “cities.”

To understand and recognize how to be ONE WITH ALL

I call to you to expand and use the Master Code:

Take care of yourself/ Take care of each other/ Take care of this place/

Take care of this planet/ Take care of the Whole/

Take care of the Totality

All-that-is expressed in all dimensions!




This essay is part of a collection of dialogic essays written to celebrate the New Story of the City. We publish them in the week of the first World Cities Day (October 31) having first been inspired by by Kosmos Journal‘s invitation to tell a new story. Our team of Integral City Constellation Voices, Peer Spirits and Essayists includes: Joan Arnott, Alia Aurami, Cherie Beck, Diana Claire Douglas, Marilyn Hamilton, Linda Shore

The Voices in this dialogue are: Spirit of Integral City, Gaia, Integral City, Peer Spirits, Communities of Practice.

Each  voice is introduced by the Stage Directions:

Welcome, Connecting One(s), to this sapient circle. We gather here to constellate Indra’s Net for our Planet of Cities around this question “How does Integral City Connect for Change in Service to a Planet of Cities?” .  Welcome to you, Peer Spirits, who long to connect to the City and her Communities of Practice, to Gaia, and to Spirit who energizes us all. Listen … Spirit of Integral City peaks …