I am Integral City.

Web of Conversations

Web of Conversations

I am a web of constant, connecting, mysteriously transformative conversations,

manifesting the 12 City Intelligences,

[i] amongst my 4 voices[ii]

citizens, government, organizations, and businesses.

Some people align towards,

others resist,

co-creating a more beautiful and sustainable world.

Worldviews expand from self, to city, to world, then kosmocentric embrace,

honoring life-giving values,

redesigning ways for all my voices to relate

as they reshape systems

in the ecology of thoughts

as it evolves into greater intelligence and caring.


Some of my voices are Meshworkers,[iii]

asking in their connecting conversations:

“What dissolves or bypasses barriers and opens flow for life-giving change?”

They see specific potentials for more intelligence and evolution into a beautiful future.

They connect increasingly with one another and with Peer Spirits in and beyond Integral City

into the Planet of Cities.

They design new systems

through collective intelligence,

building new capacities in all my voices,

unblocking stuck systems,

and co-creating solutions

which embody within me,

Integral City,

Gaia’s desire for resilience.


This essay is part of a collection of dialogic essays written to celebrate the New Story of the City. We publish them in the week of the first World Cities Day (October 31) having first been inspired by by Kosmos Journal‘s invitation to tell a new story. Our team of Integral City Constellation Voices, Peer Spirits and Essayists includes: Joan Arnott, Alia Aurami, Cherie Beck, Diana Claire Douglas, Marilyn Hamilton, Linda Shore

The Voices in this dialogue are: Spirit of Integral City, Gaia, Integral City, Peer Spirits, Communities of Practice.

Each  voice is introduced by the Stage Directions:

Welcome, Connecting One(s), to this sapient circle. We gather here to constellate Indra’s Net for our Planet of Cities around this question “How does Integral City Connect for Change in Service to a Planet of Cities?” ( first asked by Kosmos Journal).  Welcome to you, Peer Spirits, who long to connect to the City and her Communities of Practice, to Gaia, and to Spirit who energizes us all. Listen …Integral City speaks …


[i] Integral City 12 Intelligences

[ii] 4 voices of Integral City

[iii] Meshworking Intelligence practiced by the Hague Center’s Anne-Marie Voorhoeve