Constellate With Integral City at our ITC 2015 Pop-Up Playground Lunch

Integral City is sponsoring three Pop-Up Playground lunches at Integral Theory Conference 2015. Our high impact constellation process will be supplied!!

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Joining MetaIntegral’s Integral Theory Conference for its fourth international event (and sponsoring the conference for the third time) Integral City has designed Pop-Up Playgrounds for three lunch times on July 17, 18, 19.  In Ballroom B (at Sonoma State University HUB) we are inviting 30 hearts and souls to Pop-Up for a “catalyzing” harvest in the Knowing Field. Lead Constellator, Diana Claire Douglas (Founder, of Knowing Field Designs) will help us to explore and experiment with our conference experience – drawing on our high impact process that taps into our collective intelligence and releases energy for city emergence  – AQAL Systemic Constellation Work.

Guided by Integral City’s Master Code, we will co-create conditions for participants to engage conference outcomes that take care of Self, Others, ITC2015 and the Places of our hearts and homes.

We hope that you can join our Pop-Up Playground Lunch, any or all days Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 1230-145pm. BTW – a Pop-Up Playground Lunchbox is included!!! In order to optimize the systemic constellation process we will limit participation to 30 catalysts (who are willing to participate experientially). So … first come, first constellated. See you at the Playground!

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  1. nebulaflash June 9, 2015 at 8:03 pm - Reply

    This sounds like fun. What does it mean to be constellated?

    • Marilyn Hamilton June 23, 2015 at 12:59 am - Reply

      Thanks for the question Janet. – We are using a WE-Space Method based on Bert Hellinger’s Systemic Constellation Work. This was originally developed for family therapy – but now is applied to Organizations, Communities and Cities +++. “To be constellated” means that you would participate in the constellation process (and engage with the Knowing/Morphic Field) as a client (with a question), representative or witness.

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