Integral City meets Integral Theory Conferencers on our Pop-up Playground Lunch July 17, 18, 19, 2015. Why join the fun??

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  1. Enjoy “Pop-Up” HARVEST Lunchbox that is supplied.
  2. Attract spontaneous, unexpected, unplanned diverse people to discover in the moment what you can do together.
  3. Co-create time, space and spirit to gather, mull, CONSTELLATE and digest energies of the conference with friends, fun and facilitators.
  4. Discover what part of the harvest you hold? What part of the harvest you seek?
  5. Actively participate in a Systemic Constellation guided by Knowing Field Designer.
  6. Experiment with the metaphor of Pop-Up Square in the City and co-create a living, dynamic, flexible container for discovering the impact behind the impact with all that you do, be, relate, create.
  7. Expect generativity, participation, a bountiful harvest.
  8. Co-create a feedback loop as conference is proceeding –  make ITC more meaningful, overcome too much in head, structured, passive downloading.
  9. Build on the mini-community you have set up with your friends at Sonoma State University Housing by joining us for Pop-Up (Day 1, Day 2 and/or Day 3 of the Conference).
  10. Experience a nourishing “emergent reward” within the conference.