My friend, Lisette Schuitemaker, another Center for Human Emergence Global member from the Netherlands writes to us on Brexit.

Open Heart


Dear all, and most of all dear Ian (who wrote this message) and Jon

[residents of UK],

What a turn of events – what a dramatic way of disengaging with the EU-project –
feels like Britain will push from the continent and drift towards the US physically as I sit here …
I understand your ‘bruised and tired’
My personal experience is that the death of each person holds a gift that I often only see later. 
While I am not suggesting that the UK is dying, this is such an impactful departure that I am using the simile.
More than once a person’s death fosters the coming together of those who stay behind and if that were to happen, if the remaining 27 countries came together more strongly in their zest to make Europe work, to transform it to an enabling organization, I would be deeply, deeply grateful for the UK to have made the sacrifice.
Sometimes a death brings greater insight into what the person contributed, and while the vote is irreversible, we might over time be able to see better what the gift of the UK is in this world, instead of trying to muddle on with opaque compromises.
Or – it is that another can shine now a person of authority has passed which I even felt when my beloved father died – his demise offered me and my siblings space to grow into, and maybe this step will finally allow Scotland and Northern Ireland to come into their own
who knows …
While I certainly don’t, I am wanting to hold space for the unfolding to be somehow serving the spiral, and hold all who voted ‘remain’ and now sit with the pain of having the connections severed – I deeply feel for you, as I felt for Cameron when I saw him make his statement live this morning.
with open heart