IMG_7727 mapleleaf head.CR2
by Marilyn Hamilton
Tribute to my MLA , Darryl Plecas, Parliamentary Secretary for Seniors BC
Keynote Speaker at Canada Day Lunch


Canada geese fly across blue sky

Leaders (like MLA’s) taking turns

Northern lights as bright and iridescent as our multi-



Song for Canada.





Incense to this place

Touch our hearts

149th birthday celebration.


Our country unique

Beautiful natural environment

Celebrate people

Like YOU.

Honour Order of Abbotsford Recipients

Build strong community

Promise justice and character

Inspired, listened, acted

Building a complete community.

I am a news junkie.

Canada was a British colony

May these gates never be closed

2-Way Trade

Comfortable as neighbours.

Canada is a HUGE country.

1/10th United States

… they say …

Residing in World Class Cities

-81 degrees not including wind-chill??!!

If you are in a fight you want

Canadians on your side.

Reliable partners

Highway of heroes


In our darkest hours Canada has been with US

Operation Yellow Ribbon

Close, productive, peaceful.

We share our continent.

Let no man put asunder!

Flag waving, uncharacteristic display of patriotism

Too much geography!

We live as far south as possible

Unarmed American with benefit of health care!!??

World needs MORE Canada.

Harp music in wheat fields …


Even though saying wrong thing?

To 3 other former mayors?

Getting initiative off the ground to

Recognize seniors for what they offer

Provide opportunity

Seniors tell stories

Tell young people

Instill value systems

Capture expertise

Volunteering 20 years

Create platform for opportunity

To teach others

As a pilot for 3 years

Coordinate all this

Changing our thinking

About seniors

Recognize all seniors can do for everyone else

Finding ways to be respectful to people with disabilities


Give every senior an iPad (like Japan).

Do NOT ask me to record anything –

I hope he doesn’t turn it off 🙁

Holding people by the hand

Work with them for 4 months – incredibly comfortable

Plugged into the wide world – infotainment can be shallow

But connecting can give

Greater ability in a nanosecond

Have a doctor in a second.

Next year is the BIG ONE.

1 – 5 – 0. 150. 150th.

You’ve all been here for half of them

Reflect where we’ve been –


Because what Canada has done for others

What can we do


To make life better

For those who follow us?


Lay Foundation

Of CARE – on a continuum

Better at Home or

Home that is just like home

Giving absolutely amazing incredible level of CARE!!

Phone me first to find out

How well you’ll live

Have a wonderful quality of life.

You made my life better – you wanted me back!

This Land is My Land

This Land is Our Land.

Have a blessed Canada Day!!