The Divine certainly has a sense of humour. Otherwise, I might not notice that in one week I read an article on the Zombie Cities in China – where the human hive has been built without a human to occupy them (yet) … and …

An article on ZomBees – where the bodies of honeybees are invaded by the philon fly which lays its eggs on the bee and thereby disemboweling it as its larvae mutate and later transmute into flies.

What is more horrifying? Zombie cities mothballed for the people who will bring them to life? Considering people can simply be injected into the built forms and expected to thrive (but who might not even survive?)

Or ZomBees whose bodies have been parasitized by another living form who depend on the bee’s life- generating cycle of survival to regenerate?

It could be that my horror of the Zombie cities is magnified by my suspicion that the rest of the world who supplied materials and energy have been used like ZomBees to “hatch” the Chinese cities?

Is it any comfort to believe that the Chinese have forgotten the vital ingredients of the human developmental cycles in consciousness, and culture? Chinese Zombie Cities need much more than the material appearance of people to populate them – they need human souls and spirit to bring them alive.


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