When I think about the Neo-Cities of Lifsitz and Musk I get quite excited. They seem to be really designed with the external requirements of the human hive in mind.


But I also get really agitated. Because I wonder if they have considered any of the internal requirements of the human hive.

  • Like the known fact that humans go through a developmental cycle. How have they built into the design that we all start out at a basic stage and must learn our way through a series of developmental stages?
  • Do the designers recognize verticality in themselves? Have they made allowances for continuous learning and the need/opportunity for the city to change?
  • What happens if assumptions about the city’s environment (both internal and external) are drastically altered by events not under the designer’s control (e.g. natural disasters, or man-made invasions).
  • How do Neo-Cities respond to the need to defend themselves from external invaders? How do they defend themselves against envy, greed, power-plays?
  • What is the right relationship of Neo-Cities to other Neo-Cities and Traditional, Modern, Post-Modern Cities?

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