It looks like Neo-Cities are on the drawing boards – and even before Investor Boards. I wonder if the investors will consider similar aspects of investing in cities as they do in entrepreneurial start-ups? Especially the importance of the organizational team?


In entrepreneurial ventures the quality of the people generally outweighs the most clever of ideas or the most unusual patents.

I suggest the same ought to be true of Neo-Cities. But how will that be done? Will there be an application process? A recruitment team?

  • What criteria will they use to choose the initial citizens?
  • Will the criteria hold the same seeds of disaster that many an intentional community has sown?
  • How will the recruiters separate their own biases from the needs of the Neo-City?
  • How will the designers build in the appropriate form of governance? Will they design the first stage and then expect neo-politicians to take over the subsequent stages of developing governance – like strata corporations?
  • Will the state become involved in setting standard for Neo-Cities?
  • Will Neo-Cities exempt themselves from state interference through economic separation of banking and transactional exchanges?
  • Does a Neo-City need a neo-civics? Would that evolve out of Integral City’s 4 Voices and 4 Roles???
  • Might the Integral City 4 Voices provide the stem-cells for such a neo-civics?

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