Lovelock has proposed that humans are Gaia’s reflective organ and I suggest that, in fact, individuals are cells in the cities who are the actual organs of a whole organ system now alive on Gaia.  So with those thoughts in mind, perhaps we are at the seminal moment for us humans to consider not just how we have translated our reflective capacities into cities but also how the other capacities that enable cities to function are actions, relationships and productivity.

Happily an Integral City view using our Map 1 of the city allows us to easily situate these capacities into four quadrants (so familiar to this readership). And I would suggest this map even gives us a parade route to celebrate the city.


Parade Route to Celebrate the City

Such a celebration could last a day, a week or a month. Why don’t cities hold contests for formats to celebrate the city, requesting that at the minimum the proposals celebrate the city through its holarchies its quadrants or holarchies or just hold a guided walk? tour? bicycle regatta? parade? that leads the citizens literally from one city institution to another, recognizing the necessary contributions of these institutional organs of city life. Depending on the layout of the city, institutional locations would be selected to start the parade at the UR City’s Brain – City Hall: where reside the many functions of City Administration such as, Planning, Public Works, Justice and Emergency Response. Then the guided tour could progress to the institutions devoted to the:

UL City’s Mind – Education: School Board, Universities, Kindergarten

UR City’s Body – Healthcare: Hospitals, Clinics, Alternative

LL City’s Heart – Civil Society: Churches/Synagogues, Mosques

LR City’s Energy/Information/Matter Flow Systems – Developers: Built City, Financial District, Businesses, Eco-Region

Finally the city tour/day would culminate in the celebration of the

AQAL City’s Faith Systems – Mosques, Synagogues, Churches – celebrating the many ways people practise their spiritual beliefs and demonstrate the Master Code.

The celebration could borrow the tradition of street parties on a city-wide level organized by/for/with the City-Zens. This celebration should be so much fun everyone wants to join in.