“The world is changing. Borders are shifting. Development is happening at all scales – in organizations, communities, cities, nations and globally. It’s time we brought new energy into our service to emerging the next stages of evolution for human systems. Let’s see if we can synergize together!”  iwb-logo2




With this shared intention, the Founder of Integral City Meshworks, Marilyn Hamilton has accepted the invitation from Integral Without Borders to sit on their Board.

Integral Without Borders (IWB) is a global network of practitioners dedicated to integrating perspectives and manifesting greater depth in the praxis of international development. They hold events and telecourses, offer mentoring and consulting and provide resources.

IWB was founded by Gail Hochachka and Paul van Schaik in 2005. They have grown to over 500 members and include philosopher and author Ken Wilber amongst their international Board. IWB’s network serves the community of integral practitioners working in international development who are seeking more innovative and integral approaches to complex issues. They serve that community through holding monthly conference calls on relevant topics and methodologies, running a website with a large and growing list of resources for integral praxis, and holding global learning events all over the world.

Integral City Meshworks (ICM) is a constellation of AQtivators, organizations and communities of practice who are waking up the human hive as it evolves through the Traditional, Smart, Resilient and Integral stages. ICM is reinventing how cities work to nurture life, optimize life conditions and care for people, on a planet of Integral Cities. ICM imagines the human hive as an intelligent, living, evolving innovation eco-system, practicing the Master Code – where the four voices of the city, – Citizens, Civil Society, City/Institutional Managers, Business – thrive today and create a legacy of life conditions for the next generations to evolve and thrive.

Integral City Meshworks was founded by Marilyn Hamilton in 2000. ICM has a Board of Advisors, Core Team and six key Community of Practice constellations around the world in Canada, USA, Russia, Netherlands, South Africa and Mexico, with nodes emerging in the UK, Australia and Spain. ICM produces a website, blog, books, articles and conference papers; designs methodologies, training programs and online learning events; and helps cities reinvent themselves.

With the handshake between their two organizations, the ICM and IWB Founders hope to both amplify the resonance amongst their integrally informed designers for change and open borders with/in/as the world is waking up to its ever-greater reflective capacity.