2016 marks the first year Integral City Meshworks has received 2 nominations for the award Meshworker of the Year.

Our 2 distinguished nominees for Meshworker of  2016 are:

1.Diana Claire Douglas and her work in Knowing Field Designs.


Diana Claire uses systemic constellation work for accessing and revealing the invisible patterns in cities. Diana Claire has used her gifts with a number of civil society organizations in several cities and with a series of globally connected organizations impacting cities.



2.Morel Fourman and his work in Gaiasoft systems.


Morel has been working with cities and nations, particularly in Africa with a platform that enables strategic positioning for organizations within cities and across cities in the same country. Morel’s work has provided systematic foundation building to strengthen city systems and infrastructure. He designs performance management systems that enable capacity building in governments and citizen engagement with the younger generations.

The Meshworker of the Year will be announced before December 31, 2016. Stay tuned.

What are the Qualifications for Meshworker of the Year?

A Meshworker of the Year demonstrates the meshworking intelligence as defined on the website here


Candidates invest dollars, time, effort and expertise at a level of complexity that serves a whole city or cities. Here are links to previous winners: