Imagine Durant has drafted a working Vision. They are at a stage where that Vision will continue to be refined and wordsmithed. But it captures enough of the intentions of the last 3 years of Dialogue that three strategic themes have emerged.

1.Learning & Growing Citizens through:

  • Growing (participation)
  • Educating (to world-class level)
  • Developing (all generations

2. Healthy & Connected Culture through:

  • Living (healthy, mature complete communities)
  • Playing (connecting through sports, arts, faith, food)
  • Wellbeing (improving quality of life)

3. Vibrant & Thriving Community through:

  • Vibrant (infrastructure and economy)
  • Thriving (encouraging small business and workforce development)
  • Pride (engaging community for personal expression, and collective enrichment)

Much to the delight of the Imagine Durant Board they discovered that their trio of themes aligns beautifully with the Master Code: caring for Self, Others, and Place.

But also, the Board has reviewed the Formative Outcome measures that Integral City  captured in its update to the assessment of Durant’s 5 sets of Intelligences. And happily we all discovered that progress has been made in the last 4 years in every one of the sets of Intelligences.

Moreover, the strategically-minded Board is working in smaller groups to identify WHAT (specific objectives), WHERE/HOW (which collectives should collaborate to achieve results) and WHO (could act as leaders).  These specific outcomes are also being connected to measures for Summative Outcomes for effective Placecaring and Placemaking, in the form of Key Success Factors (KSF’s).

So, the bottom line for Imagine Durant in 2017, is that they have come full circle from their intention to build on their capacities for Placecaring by matching them with capacities for Placemaking.  They are collectively engaged in Living the Master Code. Thus, Imagine Durant is collectively making impact for this generation and generations to come. And surely, this recipe for Wellbeing in their Human Hive is the ultimate Key Success Factor of their success?